City – Clifford D. Simak

Our eighth reader selected the 1952 sci-fi novel City by Clifford D. Simak. The novel’s unusual narrative is guided by philosophizing dogs from the distant future who are in the process of reciting the oral history of humankind. The novel suggests the inherent violence of human nature and challenges the endurance of our species. After providing me with a much-needed plot description our reader discussed the development of his interest in art, literature, and history as an engineering student, and the important connections found between the arts and sciences.



“I think that if you give anything a chance it will be quite beautiful. And I gave art, literature, philosophy, and history a chance and I found it quite exciting. Would I want to do a Ph.D in it? Maybe not. But I do want to learn a lot about it. And I think that when you have a lot of knowledge about different things at the end of it you can make a lot of correlations between them. For example mathematics is very much like philosophy or literature in sense I could not imagine before.”


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