The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing – Melissa Banks

I met up with our sixth reader after her return home from work as a community librarian in the Markham Public Library system. (A truly dedicated book lover never shies away from a conversation about literature even if they spend each day embedded in stacks of books.) After an introduction to her cat and a tasty dinner we sat down to talk about her connection to Melissa Bank’s 1999 bestseller The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing, chick lit vs. romantic comedies, and the higher purposes of public libraries.



Who should read this book?

“Any romantic comedy lover who can appreciate a good romantic comedy and be really disappointed by the way that the romantic comedy has disappeared and turned into really, really terrible films. For the When Harry Met Sally Lover. It’s comparable in terms of tone…That seems to be a movie about real people even though its the idealized romantic scenario that’s playing out. [Read it] when you want a love story that seems like its possible, [or] because you’re feeling a little bit like, “Maybe I’m never going to meet anyone I’m going to love,” but you want a book where someone else goes through terrible things and comes out in the end and seems to get through it okay. And anyone who identifies with being smart, funny, and not really knowing how to live in the world…With good chick lit it can be a more real-feeling space and you can identify with the character more.”

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